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[/column] [column md=”10″] Women are multi-tasking machines. I mean, we do it all, right? The problem is our “battery” has a memory like a cell phone. Over time our energy capacity shrinks because there is no “me time” to get fully recharged. We skip meals, eat what is “on the way”, and get all day long caffeine and sugar drips to get us through. That places a tremendous amount of stress on our body. We start feeling a little tired, then sluggish, and that rolls into all out exhaustion. Then consequences start to show quickly. Tighter clothes, no energy, feeling “fat” and avoiding the bathroom mirror. We almost forget what it feels like to feel good. Since we are multi-tasking goddesses, we fight back with the latest diet program and try to squeeze in an exercise video or an occasional gym visit. We get minimal results (at best) for our efforts. Now are even more exhausted, and we’ve piled on frustrated and hungry! Ugh! Just show us something that works for busy women, and we’ll crush it!

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    Carolyn H:
    I started this journey after a health scare… husband’s health scare! I thought I was just fine. I was tired in the afternoons, dealt with …read more

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    Carri K.:
    30 days ago, I made the best decision of my life! Prior, I had a hysterectomy. I was feeling really down and my stress was out of control. I dealt with a lot of my emotions by eating which made me and my body feel worse. …read more

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    Tawnya M.:
    Wow!!! What a difference a year makes. Most of what you see was done within the first few months. I began this journey because I was so exhausted. …read more

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    Cindy D.:
    I have been overweight most of my life, never had any energy, constantly having head discomfort, aches and pains just going up and down stairs, I was a couch potato. …read more

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