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We have talked to a lot of people since 2013, and a crazy number of people have made the decision to join our community and make a positive health change in their life. Every single person, when asked “why are you doing this now?”, has their own personal motivation to take action. Most of them are what you would expect: lose weight, feel better, more energy, clothes too tight, etc. They are the most common and accepted replies. There is rarely something new. While most of them are predictable, every once in a while, we get the “real reason” why they want to make a change.

Many times there is a “reason behind the reason” for starting. Sometimes (not all the time) the commonly accepted “my clothes are too tight and I need to lose a few pounds” is just a smokescreen. The real motivation may be “I’m sensing my spouse is losing interest in me. I’m concerned for our relationship, and I need to do something before it’s too late!”. It also could be “I’m just so tired during the day and have so little energy that I feel like I’m depriving my kids of their mom.” Of course, for many reasons, we feel it’s better to just go with the more common acceptable reasons versus “getting into all of that.” Regardless of the reason, they have come to a point where they are “ready”. In other words, they have reached a point to where the “pain” of staying the same and not making a change is greater than the “pain” of making the actual change.

Ironically, the same is true for the reasons people give when they decide not to get started. Once again, there are a set of socially acceptable reasons we use to justify why we decide not to take the next step. Some of the most common: “I don’t have time “, “I like food eat food, “it’s not for me”, “I already eat healthy”, and then the two most “acceptable” biggies are: “that’s too expensive” and “I can’t afford it’. (two very different meanings). Let’s use these last two as an example.

There’s a ton of sales materials out there that deal with the topic of “answering objections”. People have made careers writing books, holding seminars, weekend training sessions, etc. helping sales people come up with “crafty” answers and comebacks to their potential client’s objections as to why they won’t hop on board. Don’t get me wrong, we have the crafty comebacks available. Here are some options for us just dealing with a price objection:

  • We can break down the “cost per day” of our total solutions and make you ‘fess up as to what you are actually spending on your lattes, fast food, munchie trips, sneak treats, etc., all with the intention of proving to you that you do have the money but you are giving it to “them” instead of investing it in yourself. Then…..
  • We can show you all the ingredients of one of our meal replacement options along with this big chart of all the food you would have to buy to equal the nutritional content of our stuff. Then we can “pile on” and tell you how much that would cost over the price of just “one simple delicious convenient shake”! And if that didn’t work…..
  • We can send you tons of credible news articles off the internet about the cost of not being healthy, charts and graphs of the rising cost of health care and medications, financial documents that say that your entire life savings will be spent on medical bills, and if you are STILL not ready (meaning we haven’t broken you yet) …
  • We can “go there”, sacrifice our friendship and risk you ever talking to us again. We can nag you constantly on social media, snicker every time we see you eating something besides a carrot and puff our cheeks out at you, throw in the “guilt card” and tell you how much you’ll be missed by your family because you didn’t take care of yourself and so on and so on……..

In the words of a great friend of mine, “that sure is one way to do it!”

Well, here at PTHS we have a different philosophy.

We know from our experience in talking to thousands of people, that timing is everything. The people that are ready to start, START! It’s not because of a sales technique or the ability to beat down every objection. The difference between someone saying “I just can’t afford this” and them asking themselves “how can I afford this?” is a matter of readiness and priorities. It’s the same for “I don’t have time” and asking themselves “How can I make time?” Since we know that, no matter what the reason you may have for not getting started, we know that you are just not ready. That’s ok! (I wasn’t ready for months!) You don’t need to be talked into it or “sold” on it, and you for sure don’t need to feel pressure, threats or scare tactics.

Rather, we like to create a community where you can “hang” with us, get to know some these incredible, crazy and amazing players on this Prime Time team. Watch us grow. Share our successes. See how we roll. Experience our culture. We’d like to create an experience that’s all about you. One that puts YOU first. We know that’s where you belong and we’ll be here when you’re ready. THIS is PRIME TIME!

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