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We asked our awesome “Prime Time Players” WHY they got started and joined our team.
Here’s what they said……

Crystal D: “I want to take the leap to shed the extra weight and get healthy. I want to be able to get out there and play sports with the kids and not croak! I want to feel good in my skin. I hate pictures and the way I look and I want my kids to have those memories when I’m gone down the line. I have very few of my mom because of the same thing!”

Kristin C: “Being on this Autism journey……well let’s just say its exhausting. So my “why” is for me…the mom….the wife…so that I can continue to fight for my boys.”

Alan K: “I do it for my family and myself. My weight was getting out of hand and was feeling sluggish. I saw what the results were for my cousin and said it was time for me to do the same. My job has travel and dinner with customers, conventions at nice places with a lot of good food. It was taking its toll and this program changed me for the better.”

Tara H: “My “WHY” is because of the way I feel!!! When I started the program, I was strictly looking to lose weight. Although, as I continued, I found so much more! I discovered a new me – one that is so much healthier and HAPPIER!!!! Now, I stay on the program for the mental clarity, better sleep, and happier disposition that it provides. I need all of that to be the wife and mom that I want to be!!”

Kerri F: “I wanted to start feeling better inside and out. I drank coffee all day long and hardly drank water. I had a desire to lose some weight but never the accountability and motivation. Now I have both!!!”

Maureen L: “I want to feel and look better!”

Nicholas M: “I started because I wanted to lose weight and nothing I was doing worked. I had also heard about the improved general feeling and energy. I totally agree and have experienced all of the positives I was told to expect!”

Jennifer H: “Why? Because I wasn’t happy with myself. I wasn’t happy when I’d see myself in pictures. I wasn’t happy with what I had become. As my husband and I approach 10 yrs of marriage in October, I’d love to have a picture of us where I am actually comfortable being in front of the camera.”

Wendy E: “Want to get down below my pregnancy weight…which i haven’t yet done since i gave birth to my only child. Oh btw … my son is 27 now. Still have a way to go though. Lol.”

Alexi K: “Why? Well my why is myself. I wanted to do this for me so that I can live a long, strong, and healthy life. I wanna love the woman I AM. Being able to put yourself back together after you have been broken into a million pieces by someone and then to learn how to love yourself for who you are after that is not an easy task. My health was out of control! NOT ANYMORE!!! Graduate school here I come!”

Ralph O: “I want to be a positive example to my family and enjoy them as long as God lets me.”

Jamie B: “To shred the unwanted, pasted on baby weight after 3 kids. I want to look like the person my husband married almost 14 years ago. And not just live with a “I have to settle for this body” look. I love how I feel now, it’s easy to maintain on our super busy kid’s schedules, and I love how I now look in a swimsuit and clothes again!

Stephanie B: “My why is because this program is the only thing that helped me to shed the unwanted pounds I had gained and because of the way it makes me feel! Plus, I am down 4 pounds since Saturday morning!”

Jeni H: “I wanted to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding. I never expected to have this much energy and feel so good!”

Christine M: “Why?? Because I want lose weight, feel great, have more energy and be able to do things!!!! Started in September and down 52 pounds and 72 inches and more to come!!!!”

Carol M: “This is the only thing that has ever worked!!!!! You really do honestly feel better on it too, not just because you shed pounds. 🙂 And, it doesn’t feel like a diet!

Kathleen S: “My WHY is age and health related. A 4’10”, it’s easy to look chubby. My weight has been creeping due to my age and hypothyroidism. I REFUSE to carry extra weight as a petite woman.”

Sarah W: “My WHY is my health. I’ve tried lots of programs and it seems like I lose then gain….yo yo but I want to yolo lol. Since starting this program, I’ve lost 10 lbs and have so much energy that I just want to go further!”
Tawnya M: “My why is to not feel exhausted and be physically fit and have the energy to enjoy life.”
Allie M: “I really just wanted to feel better about myself. Having the energy boost is just bonus especially having a 2 year old and a 4 year old I definitely have to keep up with them I still have my baby weight on and really have had a hard time getting it off.”
Melissa K: “I want to be healthy and energetic and a good example of those things to my children.”
Tricia R: “Wanted to get to a healthy weight to avoid medications. However, since I started, I not only have a healthy weight loss and inches that I am losing but gaining too. I have gained energy, clarity, I sleep well and really FEEL better!”
Carrie H: “My WHY is that I really wanted to lose these pounds that have been sticking around too long and to get myself healthy. I’m a nurse and a mom and a wife and how can I preach health to the choir when I’m not healthy!? I started in January and I’m down 30 pounds, have incredible energy and feel amazing! I sleep through the night and I look forward to the next day! I’m taking my life back!”
Nancy R: “Started to be better. Loose the bad habits, etc… Plain and simple… I just feel great on it. I feel slim even tho I’m not yet.”
Jennifer Y: “Started for weight loss and energy!! So blown away by the health benefits that came with it. Can’t imagine being without it!!”
Debbie S: “My WHY ~ the older I get the less energy I had. That wasn’t going to cut it for me. I am a high energy, go go go kinda gal. I needed that back plus the weight loss. I love that my Hubby is doing it too, that makes it a lot easier. Just excited for the future health and happiness all around!”
Justin R: “Trying to get healthy (and stay healthy) to keep up with my young boys.”
Stacey R: “My why: I needed to lose weight. I hate looking at pics from years ago and hating the way I look. I wanted more energy and to feel good about myself. I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle and teach that to my kids! I am so happy to have found this program and to be losing weight, gain energy and learning what is good for my body and what is not!!”
Gina P: “My why is because I want to be healthy, lose weight, get rid of my aches & pains. Tired of using the words “I can’t do that” or “I’m too tired because ….” I have been on this program almost a month, and I feel so much better.”
Amanda K: “I knew I was ready for some kind of change in my life. I’m staying very busy and have put on some extra fluff from eating very poorly. So I was ready for change and this program was the trick! Feeling great!”
Ashley K: “I have started and stopped many workout and “diet” plans. Next Monday is my 29th Birthday and I want to end my 20’s with a bang! I wasn’t given the best examples of being healthy growing up and I desperately want different for my daughter. It is time for a change and I am ready to dive right in!”
Joyana D: “I started this program to lose weight and mainly gain energy. A year later and my weight is off and I have energy for a person half my age. My WHY now is to help others each their goals …. “
Emily B: “My why? My health!”
Analyse M: “I want to be as healthy as I can, not have to be held back by my anxiety, feel as good as a 20-year-old should.”
Mary Ellen S: “I started this because no matter how much weight I could lose I couldn’t get rid of that bloated feeling in my stomach. I needed to try something different. Not only do I not have that constant bloated feeling, I lost weight and feel all around better about myself.”
Christine D: “I started in Oct of 2014 cuz I saw a pic of me that I wanted to die over. Was so embarrassed & felt completely unattractive. I also needed more energy. Was very successful & lost a total of 28 lbs in about 2.5 months.”
Lisa B: “For me! I tried doing this for all the wrong reasons before. I have to put me first! So I can be healthy & happy!”
Hannah D: “Because I have more energy, feel great, and have lost over 40lbs! “Why” would you not want to feel great??????”
Susan C: “So MANY reasons.
• My son’s upcoming wedding has been one of the catalysts, but there is so much more.
• Years of depression and of feeling defeated over my struggles to lose weight.
• I’ve been eating crap for months and consequently have felt like crap for months.
• I’m getting older and am paying for my years of neglect and abuse of my body.
• I want to feel better about myself.
• I want to feel better, period.
• I want to be a good example for my daughter.
• I feel good about giving my body what it is really craving nutritionally.
• And lastly, while I recognize that round is a shape, it is NOT the shape I want to be!”

Anna H: “Weight loss and other health issues. Feel sooo much better when I stick to the program.”
Julie R: “Initially I started only to lose weight. I figured, why not…I can do anything for 30 days! That was now 18 months ago. I continue to stick with this program though for many other reasons. I guess I really never knew I didn’t feel good until I felt good. Headaches gone, addiction to caffeine gone. I have tons more energy, sleep sounder, and it’s great knowing I am fueling my body with the best nutrition. The weight loss is still a plus…but not my main focus anymore.”
Joy N: “I was mainly looking for the nutritional value to feed my body and lose a few extra pounds. I love the convenience and knowing that I am eating healthy.”
Kay B: “I did it first to help my husband lose weight and I did too!!! And it’s easier knowing there’s a group of us doing the same thing!”
Latisha S: “I was just plain tired…. Tired of being tired, tired of not being able to keep up with my littles, tired of feeling overweight and low on energy, tired of aches and pains, etc. This system has relieved all of that for me and given me life back in my step!
Linda B: “When I first started this lifestyle change it was because I knew I needed something to help me stay on track and that was simple. After reading the FB posts of Kathleen and Kay and studying up on it I jumped right on in. The best decision I ever made!”
Roxy B: “As a newly adoptive mama, I needed to get and stay healthy for my boys. Years of poor choices, had my body in tailspin and hearing the words obese uttered at my last yearly physical was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Since joining in Feb, I have released over 18 lbs, countless inches and have all but said goodbye to chronic headaches that plagued me for years. 🙂 Thank you, Elaina, for showing me what healthy can look and feel like.”
Melanie R: “My why started just to lose weight and get my health back!”
Robin Z: “I started to lose weight and gain more energy! Both things happened! Now after having my first child in September of 2015 I am ready to get back at it and lose the extra baby weight I gained!”
Maureen L: “To have control over my health and confidence that my body is getting the best nutrition! Self Discipline…following the program requires you to discipline your eating. In doing so you train your mind and body to make healthier choices. Mentally and emotionally you become free from being a slave to your appetite! That is an amazing place to be!”
Jennifer A: “It simply fits into my healthy lifestyle which is so hard to maintain as we get older. We can’t stop the aging process, but this program helps keep the twinkles in my wrinkles!
Carolyn W: “I’ve lost 46.5 lbs since November 16th. I jumped on the bandwagon because of Wendy & Lynne. And I did it to gain more energy to keep up with my 4 grandsons!!”
Michelle C: “So many reasons…but ultimately the reason is to be healthy.”
Jackie M: “My first reason is my girls they are getting bigger and so active. I want to keep up with them. My second reason is after my second back surgery, running is no longer an option and I need to get back in shape. My third reason is to feel better inside & out.”
Joan B: “It works! It’s always there for me and my hubby when we need it! A morning without it is not the right start to my day! Health. Weight loss. Energy. I get excited for my friends and family who have had amazing health benefits! And….summer is coming!!!”
Suz M: “Wanted to lose weight, never thought it would help me get so healthy…”
Lynn L: “I wanted to lose weight, get healthy and feel better about myself.”
Krissy K: “It took me a while to decipher MY “why”. At first it was to lose weight for my job…being a former dance teacher & staring into full length mirrors all the while watching my weight increase & activity decrease. Then it was for my husband…wanted to look good for him. Then it was for my kids…tired of coming home from working 2 jobs & being so drained that i would just sit on the couch every night. Then it was family medical history…diabetes, gallbladder, high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc. none of which I had/have, but knew someday it could be a possibility. Now, while all those are valid reasons for improving my health & losing weight, it wasn’t until about 9 months after starting the program (no, not pregnant! LOL) that I realized I just wanted to do something for myself, to improve myself & get healthier for ME…just because!!! So my “WHY” is because I deserve it!!! 😉
Todd R: “My why was purely health driven.”
Stacey P: “To get rid of inflammation that was causing me joint pain, the added bonus of weight loss and now muscle I have been building for years that is no longer covered by layers of fat! It’s a win-win-win!!”
Marilyn M: “I wanted to feel good about me again…a healthier me!”
Bridget A: “For my kids! I want to have the energy and be healthy enough to run around with them for a long time to come! I don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines of life tired and unhealthy!”
David A: “I had some very bad health issues last year and gained weight towards the end. I want to get back to a healthier size for my kids and wife!”
Julie H: “I am doing this program because I want to be a more active mom, a better wife, and feel good about myself emotionally.”
Vicki R: “To lose weight and get off cholesterol meds. For overall better health!”
Jay L: “I know the energy I get when following the program. I want/need that daily with a hectic schedule of work and family obligations.”
Christine T: “I’m doing this to be healthy for myself and my family! I would like to feel good in my skin and clothes!”
Laura J: “I am doing this for me, I earned my master’s degree over the last 2 years (finished the last week of February) while working full time and the stress and lack of activity (from sitting around writing papers) caused me to gain weight. I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror and especially not in pictures. I knew I needed to lose weight before I suffered any health issues from the weight gain. All of this will hopefully benefit my kids and wonderful husband too! :)”
Michelle G: “I need the energy to keep up with 4 very active children, plus both jobs.”
Christine W: “I want to lose weight and gain more energy.”
Camilla D: “I am doing this to regain my health and I have met and maintained my goals for over a year now!”
Chris J: “I am on this program first and foremost for myself. I have always been a bigger person and always had an excuse for it, such as playing football for 9 years from age 9 to 18. However, that excuse ended a long time ago. I have had medical setbacks in my life over the last 8 years, which make it hard to do physical exercise. When I started not being able to wear my favorite clothes I knew things had to change, the only clothes I want to buy is smaller sized!! This program allows me to shed the fat that has been increasing over the last decade without being overly physical. I am doing this to get healthy for my kids, my wife, and myself. I look forward to where this road leads.”
Lynn L: “To wear my bikini and my health! Bring on summer!”
Denise D: “To give me incentives to stay focused.”
Cindy D: “For weight loss when I first started. But I’m now no longer tired all the time, I have the energy to play with my grandchildren and I’m a lot more healthier.”
Lisa P: “I choose to be healthy as I age and have quality time with family in the years to come.”
Mark K: “I got tired of feeling sluggish and flabby. I got tired of buying pants in bigger sizes. I wanted my health back! I’ve been on this 10 months and have release 30 pounds and 30 inches. As I enter the back nine of my life, I want to be around for a long time to continue to enjoy my family as well as theirs to be!”
Marlee J: “I began because what I saw in the mirror was an overweight, unhappy, unhealthy, tired, and old-looking woman… And I didn’t want that image to define me. I’m still doing it almost 4 years later because I want the rest of my life to be the best of my life!”
Courtney A: “To better my health for myself and my future. And of course, a hot summer bod! Lol!”
Carri K: “To get healthy set a good example for my kids, to have the energy to keep up with them, and weight loss.”
Rochelle B: “I knew I needed something. I have done well with weight loss in the past but gained a few pounds back. I needed to “unfog” my brain.”
Jenn M: “To be healthy.”
Maggie M: “I need to lose weight, and I’m trying to help my husband manage his blood sugar and cholesterol better with healthy eating, not using prescription drugs.”
Lisa N: “To be healthy for myself first and then my family.”
Jennifer H: “I’m doing it for my family…and me. With a 5 year old boy, I had to take steps to make sure I can be fully involved in all parts of his life! And I wasn’t getting any younger, so doing it alone just wasn’t an option anymore.”
Kimberly D: “For me!”
Brooke K: “Because it works perfectly with my busy schedule!”
Emily B: “I was in an extremely dark place, suffering through with PPD & not caring what I put into my body. I knew I had to do something for me and my family. This system helped me get the weight off and relieved some mental fogginess.”
Laurie K: “I am tired of feeling stuffed in my clothing. I’m having blood work done in 2 months & want my results to be better than they probably are right now!”
Debra B: “I have always struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. I work 50 hours a week, and was feeling exhausted ALL the time.”
Donna K: “I was overweight, tired, had no energy, very stressed and very toxic after cancer treatment. Being a cancer survivor, I know how important a healthy weight is. Being overweight can increase your risk of cancer and reoccurrence. I want to be healthy for myself, my husband and my children. There is so much ahead of me on this journey of life. I don’t want to miss it!”
Cindy R: “I have gained about 50lbs since before my two kids and I’m tired of none of my clothes fitting, having to wear stretchy skirts all of the time because I can’t afford to just replace my whole wardrobe.”
Vicki D: “To be slimmer and healthier!”
Laurie K: “Energy and to lose some inches baby!”
Stasia K: “Get healthier and be able to enjoy life!”
Victoria O: “For MY HEALTH, MY WEALTH and MY HAPPINESS. . .A BIG part of my life is serving others. In order to do that, I need to create harmony with all three of those vital components to achieve a meaningful life.

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