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There is no Finish Line…

You may have heard this tagline. Nike uses it, authors and movie producers along with sport coaches and life coaches do too, but how would your life be different if this was your mantra?

What would you need to believe about yourself if you thought there was no finish line for something you were shooting for?

How would you show up?

What would you do when adversity, challenges and obstacles got in your way?

This can get really tricky when we have made a decision about our health journey. Sure it’s easy to have a weight loss goal or a size we want to fit back into, but what happens when we get there? Are we done? Have we reached our finish line?

This is where the “real” work comes in. The day to day decisions, the mindset shift, the fact that living healthy does not have an end date like a diet does. Life is going to happen and those challenges and obstacles will show up! They are unavoidable. How we handle them makes all the difference.

What if you made an EVEN WHEN commitment statement first by listing all of the things that could get in the way of your success and staying on track? By creating a commitment statement that states even when these things on my list happen – I will work through them and persevere. Have a plan, don’t be surprised when they happen and be prepared.

You are the master of your health and wellbeing, and there is no finish line.

Every day you get to decide.

So, what are you choosing today?

– Dana Gezik | Head Coach

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