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People are changing the way they work and make money. They’re disappearing from cubicles. Abandoning their commute. Earning extra money. Gaining free time. Creating legacy. This “side hustle”, independent contractor, multiple-income-stream phenomenon is here to stay, and it’s growing.

The days of the separate “work-life” and “home-life” are dwindling fast. People are looking to mesh the two together into this thing called “life”. It used to be that we wanted them separate. We didn’t want to take our work home with us, but that we because we already put in 10 hours at the office! At what price? We missed all the field trips, school recitals, first steps, tea parties, mud fights, scraped knees and broken hearts. There was just no other option, until now. People are taking control of their calendar, their income and their futures by participating in the “You-Economy.”

Most people that join Team Prime Time come here to take their health to the next level, and that’s it. They have no intention of joining us in our mission to “change the world” and share our solutions. They are looking for something that will work for THEM! Some people come in naturally skeptical. They have tried so many different things that didn’t work in the past, we get it! They don’t want anyone to know they are doing anything!

That usually changes quickly, once people start to experience results with our systems. There is nothing like the feeling when someone notices your positive changes. That first “You look great, are you doing something?” or the ever coveted “Are you losing weight? Tell me what are you doing!” comment from a friend can change everything. A simple reply of “I’m on Team Prime Time! I can send you the link if you want to know more?” is all it takes. You didn’t sell them, didn’t pressure them, you didn’t risk any relationships…that’s not how we roll. You just shared what worked for you and BOOM! You have begun your journey in the You Economy! It’s that easy!

You decide where it goes from there. Some people decide to just casually share as it comes up. That’s great! Some decide to treat this as their “side hustle” and dive deep into our solutions and systems, learning and educating themselves, and then start to coach others. Prime Time has all the systems and resources in place. You just have to plug in, be your own boss, be coachable and participate at any level you choose. It’s your gig. You can set your own income and achievement goals. You can do this on your terms. No boss. No commute. No schedule. No begging for time off to spend with your family. No heart-pounding conversation to ask for a raise. No anxiety wondering if you’ll survive the next round of layoffs. No more getting passed up for that promotion. No corporate politics. No dead-end future.

No wonder why people are stampeding to the YOU ECONOMY!

Consider joining us in our mission: “To empower people around the world with a total health solution that fuels a positive lifestyle change.” If you choose, you can develop any level of income you choose by creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and coaching others to do the same. Make a difference in your life by making a difference in the life of others. Do something that has you jumping out of bed in the morning. There is nothing like it!

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