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Help For “Messy Motherhood”  by Emily D. Barcomb

Being a mom is a wonderful glorious gift, until said gift(s) makes a huge mess! Yes, as a mom I get that you haven’t showered in days, and you are drinking your 5th cup of cold coffee and it’s only 11pm, and don’t even get me started on the mountain of laundry that needs conquered. Don’t get me wrong I have always wanted to be a mom, but there was a point where each day I said out loud, “I didn’t think it would be like this!” Pretty sure you can relate?

Well, the beautiful thing is, it TOTALLY doesn’t have to be a hot mess every single second, unless you want it to be. I have 2 children, 16 months apart, and no for everyone asking we didn’t plan it, life happened! We had just relocated thousands of miles away from our home, my days were a continual loop of poopey diapers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, play-doh messes, cold hairy coffee, and counting down the hours until my husband could come home to find me and rescue me. I felt out of control, I was overweight, I was tired, actually rephrase that I was exhausted, and the entire house was a wreck (which my type A personality doesn’t function well in). I felt like I could never get back to me, who the heck was that person? I actually asked myself out-loud: Where did she go? Would she ever come back? I felt dreams & desires I had once had slipping away, daily. The weight wasn’t going away either. I was in a dark place, and people started to notice. I finally did seek help but I realized I needed to absolutely help myself and give my body what it needed to function the way it was designed to.

I was done with Messy Motherhood and needed to just have the very infrequent “hot messes” that can be easily cleaned up or adjusted! My kids needed me to be present and so did my sweet husband (as we say in the South, “Bless his heart”).

I sought out a change through nutrition, and even better, it was easy and convenient to follow. After a few months, others started to see the positive change and physical change in me. I felt my old self coming back; she had clearly been hiding under a large bolder getting squashed to death! The God given desires I once had were now alive again and thriving; and the heavy weight of the entire world was lifted.

As moms, we tend to focus on the crazy little things, like how my 2 year old goes poop at church but hates pooping on the potty at home and will throw about a 30 minute fit before I finally tell him ok wear your pull-up. However, those crazy little things we sometimes let suck all the life and energy out of us. Also as moms we forget about ourselves. We are typically the glue that holds the family together, keeping everyone’s appointments on the calendar, being the limo service running to sports events, and making sure no one forgets their lunch boxes you packed. Now, that I have fully released the unwanted weight and have everything in balance, I don’t typically worry about the little things; sure we enjoy our occasional “hot mess” moments but we SURE don’t let them stick around too long.

I know that I am in control of what I put into my body (physically, emotionally and spiritually). So, I can now out-pour everything and more to others like my kids and my husband that weren’t getting the full me for so long. I get so much more done with my days now and fully enjoy playing with the kids, letting them be messy-kids. So Momma, it is time for you to get YOU back. YOU fully have permission. Now, run before that boulder fully crushes the original beautiful wonderful you & enjoy the glorious journey of motherhood, “hot-messes” and all!



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