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[/column] [column md=”10″] Men have some different challenges than women. We typically find it easier to lose weight on diets, but the problem is turning that into a lifestyle and avoiding the inevitable “slingshot” effect when we get tired of depriving ourselves. Our social pressures are different as well. “Let’s go out and grab a salad!” was never spoken (out loud) by any man ever! Pizza, beer, burger…yes! We need strategies to put our health first without putting our friends, family and social life last.

Men also have to mentally get over some things, including the myth that you can’t lose fat if you’re not exercising. (Oh, how we have proven that wrong!) Most importantly, we need a plan that is convenient for us busy guys, and one that gets results…fast!

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    “What Is It With Us Men?” Video (3:15)

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    “The Plan for the Guys” Video (5:24)

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    Nick M.:
    I had just left my doctor’s office and was told that I needed to lose 50 pounds or else my medications would be increased. I was already taking more than I wanted to and decided something had to change. I reached out to John who I used to work with years ago and asked if he could help me lose the weight and avoid medications …read more

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    Tony H.:
    My parents asked me if I wanted to try this new health program they were doing. I was down! I could lose some weight after working many hours a day at an Ice Cream specialty shop and a gourmet coffee joint! …read more

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    Brian S.:
    From my heaviest weight at close to 400 pounds to my lowest weight in the past 40 years at 259. I feel pretty good about this and thank you so much to my wife and my daughter I love you both very much …read more

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    Chris J.:
    I am so happy that my wife and I started our life style change. I quickly released 26 pounds and 25 inches. I have been very happy with the visible results but even happier with those “hidden” results. …read more

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