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[/column] [column md=”8″] This lifestyle and community has not only changed us as parents (less stressed and more calm in crazy situations) and helps feed our entire family ultimate nutrition, but it’s changed our entire lives as well. Most importantly, the community of people that come along with this program, words cannot fathom the amount of love and support here. We feel so fortunate that my friend reached out to us in a time of desperate need !!

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[/column] [column md=”8″] Kyle’s Story
I’ve always been tall and lean and had a hard time keeping any muscle mass or trying to gain muscle. I also have a weakness for fast food. Then my wife introduced me to their “Performance Line” of products that made all the difference. I did lean out in places I didn’t expect but I also started to gain lots of muscle in areas I never have before. My snacking now consists of a few convenient nutritional shakes a day along with some protein bars and 3 healthy meals. This system keeps me going during workouts, runs and during long work hours.

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[/column] [column md=”8″] Emily’s Story
After having our second child, I had gained a total of about 80lbs from my original “married” weight. Having 2 kids back to back was hard; I was not only suffering physically but mentally and was completely exhausted. I had also tried a few other things only to fail miserably. Then I was introduced to this team and their systems. After the first week I felt so much energy and knew I could easily conquer this lifestyle. I now could be the mom that had the energy to play on the floor with both of my kids, take them to the park and play, and do so many other things that I just didn’t have the energy to do prior. 4 pant sizes smaller later I am now back into my high school/college jeans and I love going shopping again!

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